Carta de batalla por las letras hispánicas

Carta de batalla por las letras hispánicas - Luce López Baralt - Siglo XXI Editores
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Siglo XXI Editores
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In this silva of various lessons, the author brings together the most representative essays of her long career as a student of Hispanic literature from both hemispheres. She harmonizes her erudite search for carefully camouflaged literary keys with the intuition of a true lover of her subject matter. From his hand we will know what was the astrological sign of the mischievous Archpriest of Hita and we will decipher the mysterious "fragrance of Yemen" that has made the mystical symbolism of Saint Teresa and Saint John of the Cross cryptic and dangerous the anonymous sonnet “It does not move me, my God, to love you ”. We will enter with her in the Jewish aljamas to learn about the nostalgic literature of Sepharad, and we will dive the secret attics of the last Muslims of Spain until we access the literature that they wrote with anguished urgency in a Castilian transliterated with more


Book: Carta de batalla por las letras hispánicas

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