Cartas a un joven poeta

Cartas a un joven poeta - Rainer Maria Rilke - Editorial fontamara
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Of all the epistolary work of Rilke, this is the most widespread and read; It is about ten letters written by him between 1903 and 1908 to a young poet: the cadet Franz Xaver Kappus of the Austro-Hungarian military school, who sends some of his poems, accompanied by a letter in which he showed his soul as no I had done it before, asking for an opinion on these poems. Rilke gave him an answer and from there arise these epistles that were published in 1929, in Leipzig, with the title Briefe an einen jungen Dichter.

Rilke, as the presentation reads, “poet of the sacred, reveals the world to young people with the sincerity of ethics. Living is difficult, living is painful, hence the importance of surrendering to life and love, and facing their difficulties [...] he delivers the most refined of his existence in brief pages where, more than a teacher, he is a friend faithful, with more

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Book: Cartas a un joven poeta

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