Cartas de amor de músicos

«Mi ángel, mi todo, mi yo…»

Cartas de amor de músicos - Kurt Pahlen - Turner
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In this book, an exciting compilation of more than 300 love letters from the great composers of history, a whole life is dedicated by its author to the study of the biography and the work of its protagonists. From Mozart, in the mid-eighteenth century, to Alban Berg well into the twentieth century, twenty-two composers stripped their soul in these letters, which speak of love, but also of everyday life, ideas, dreams and personal feelings of its authors.

«[In letters of love] appear teachers who lived in the same period, but whose way of thinking and feeling often shows the greatest contrasts. Some of them may reveal themselves to the reader in a totally unexpected way: their music or their portrait presaged a completely different person. Is the love letter then the authentic access to an always hidden soul? Is it less spontaneous than the musical work, or is it more immediate, more

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Book: Cartas de amor de músicos

ISBN: 9788416714124