Cartas de Freud a Reich

El compromiso político y social del psicoanálisis. El análisis del carácter, hoy

Cartas de Freud a Reich - Carles Frigola I Serra - Laertes
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In 1924 Wilhelm Reich was the director of the Vienna Ambulatorium and of the Technical Seminary that brought together the candidates who had arrived in the Austrian capital to train with Sigmund Freud.

I have known for a long time that my formulation of current neuroses was superficial and needed a thorough correction. The clarification could be expected to come from additional and intelligent research. His efforts seem to point a new and hopeful path. I don't know if your hypothesis really solves the problem. I still have some doubts. But I am confident that you will continue to investigate the problem and come to a satisfactory solution. If a book on psychoanalytic technique is required, I want you to write it, before an unknown and probably less experienced person does it. Freud (Letter No. 3. 14.12.1925).

Freud's Letters to Reich by Dr. Carlos Frigola describes the more




Book: Cartas de Freud a Reich

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