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In a collection of letters sent to the Lies of Our Times Magazine, Noam Chomsky emphasizes the role of the media in justifying the actions of the US government. About the coverage that the New York Times gave the peace process in the Middle East, Chomsky states: "Chronic Times adheres at all times to the official line. Both news and reviews, the main Arab initiatives disappear into the black hole of memory, with the exception of Sadat in 1977 [...] The 'peace process' is defined according to what the US has. In our case, block this process for twenty years The Times consistently refused to enter Arafat proposals, to the exclusion of letters from readers referring to it. The articles of Jerusalem correspondent Thomas Friedman, were a notable contribution to the extraordinary work of historical engineering at the power. " Letters from Lexington covers many aspects of propaganda, more



Book: Cartas de Lexington

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