Cartas finlandesas

Hombres del Norte

Cartas finlandesas - Ángel Ganivet García - Nórdica
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Tapa Blanda

Finnish letters arise from Ganivet's idea of telling his Granada friends what that land so distinct and so far removed from Spain was like not only geographically. Their ironic gaze traces the traditions and customs of that Nordic country, from how they eat to "how Finns die". In the dialogue it establishes between Finnish and Spanish society he analyses Spain in the late nineteenth century in a very certain way.

Northern Men are six essays on the most representative Norwegian writers of the time. In them we are brought closer to the great Scandinavian literature from a southern mentality.
We publish these two texts because we recognize in the spirit of Ganivet our desire to make known the culture of the Nordic countries.

In the Finnish Letters we have included images of the city of Helsinki corresponding to the years ganivet was there, so that we can get a more more



Book: Cartas finlandesas

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