Catón el viejo o de la vejez

Leilo o De la amistad

Catón el viejo o de la vejez - Marco Tulio Cicerón - Editorial Juventud
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Editorial Juventud
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Tapa Blanda

Cicero spread ancient culture through the centuries. Endowed with all the qualities necessary to be an excellent orator, he never ceased to propose a literary intention, since at no time did he forget posterity. He retained, with his wonderful faculty of understanding and assimilation, what he deemed worthy of being remembered and imitated. Cato the Elder or De la vejez is a philosophical dialogue in which the protagonist has been appropriately chosen by Cicero to braid the praise of old age. Lelio or De la amistad makes considerations about the immortality of the soul, the lack of value of death and the superior value of friendship. Cicero is one of the most illustrious men in the Roman world. The influence of his spirit and his work has remained vital and active through the ages. Edition enriched with a biography of Plutarch on Cicero.


Book: Catón el viejo o de la vejez

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