Cavernas y palacios

En busca de la conciencia en el cerebro

Cavernas y palacios - Diego Golombek - Siglo XXI Editores
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Siglo XXI Editores
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Where are told how about billions of neurons originate thought, emotions, dreams, perceptions. That mysterious treasure ourselves.Are we a brain function? Should we accept that our history, our emotions, our consciousness, our sorrows ... everything is coded in the activity of some billions of neurons?We can watch the brain in action from the outside, and thus envision their duties today, areas that are activated when seeing the image of the first-grade teacher, or to review the table seven, singing in the rain. But the understanding of consciousness, the ability to know who we are, we have a body that hurts us fingertip, is still elusive, although there is some consensus that the brain has much if not all to do with those things.In this book we will visit the caves and palaces of consciousness; both these bright areas we can understand how the brain dark caves resists show (to more



Book: Cavernas y palacios

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