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A work full of anecdotes that will make the delight of the reader interested in the seventh art.

Charles Chaplin was arguably the first big icon on the big screen and, even today, a hundred years after the appearance of his first film, he is one of Hollywood's best-known and recognizable faces. But who was actually hiding behind that moustache? In this haunting biography, Peter Ackroyd brings to light the most unknown aspects of Chaplin's personal and work life, from his humble beginnings in the music hall to the achievement of an honorary Oscar for his entire career. Ackroyd collects and explains all the details: the glamour of his golden age but also his murky scandals in the 1940s or his eventual exile to Switzerland; and he does so by splashing the narrative of fascinating anecdotes, such as that time when, to mask the noise Stan Laurel made when frying chops, he was more


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Book: Charlie Chaplin

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