Che Guevara. Una vida revolucionaria

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Che Guevara. Una vida revolucionaria - Jon Lee Anderson - Sexto Piso
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Sexto Piso
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Hard cover

Buenos Aires, 1953. The young Ernesto Guevara has just graduated as a doctor and, instead of exercising his profession, decides to embark on a trip through several countries of South America and Central America, in search of a lake that gives meaning to his incipient revolutionary desire. As he writes: not knowing exactly what he is looking for, nor what is the north. His journey takes him to Guatemala, where he witnesses the revolutionary advances of a leftist government, in full control of the United States. The Guatemalan experiment ends in a coup d'état and Dr. Guevara, disappointed, arrives in Mexico City, where he meets a young lawyer who tries to make the revolution in his country. Cuba. Your name: Fidel Castro. Finally, Ernesto finds what he has been looking for: a cause, a country and a revolution. In Mexico, Fidel, with a group of Cubans and an Argentine doctor, plan, not more

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Book: Che Guevara. Una vida revolucionaria

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