Chiquilladas - Gérard Dubois - Impedimenta
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From the innocent rose of the cover, "Chiquilladas" invites us to put to the limit our capacity for observation to go beyond appearances. And it is that, despite its angelic title, this book is by no means what it seems. Elegant– and hilarious – parody of the pedagogical books of the beginning of the last century, this mischievous album of vintage aesthetics, illustrating the timeless cruelty that infants wear when they are robbed of parental authority, and discovers the lack of scruples that characterizes children of all ages. An ironic story about the cruelty of childhood. A tribute to the classical literature tinged with black humor that was worthy of a special mention in the fictional category of the Bologna Children's Book Fair in 2016.
An "anti-manual of good manners", delicious and transgressive, awarded at the Bologna Fair. The perfect gift for naughty children from 9 more



Book: Chiquilladas

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