Ciberguerra - Yolanda Quintana - Catarata
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Technologies have multiplied their presence and capacity for intervention; are getting faster, more ubiquitous and simpler. This technological development has also transformed conflicts to surprising limits. Not only has cyberspace become the new battlefield, but new types of attack emerge: hacking drones, hijacking state services, buying digital weapons with Bitcoin on the deep web, recruiting through social networks..., and all this with a virtual identity. In short, the cyberwar has already begun. Are we prepared for these new threats? Cybersecurity has become a priority issue for states, but the level of control has increased so much that it invades the privacy of citizens, as the information leaked by Edward Snowden shows, and its scope is barely known. However, cyberwarfare is not something that we should leave alone in the hands of computer scientists or experts: the issues more


Book: Ciberguerra

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