Ciencia sin seso, locura doble

Ciencia sin seso, locura doble - Marcelino 
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Within the social sciences. conventional economics has sought to resemble more than any other natural science in its explanatory and predictive capacity, based on the great development of mathematical modeling and technical sophistication. Moreover, the economy has received special attention from the technical and political personnel governments during this century because it is fundamental to the design of state policies. Wrong economic designs have sunk governments and political parties: the wages, employment and inflation are economic but with important policy implications variables. The main stream or "mainstream" imposed since the early eighties in economic conceptions of international level was a conglomerate of theories have in common the rejection of state intervention in the economy, the idea of ​​rational man, the existence exogenous factors and confidence in the allocator more



Book: Ciencia sin seso, locura doble

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