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Cine - Julio Cabrera - Editorial Gedisa
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Julio Cabrera combines his two great passions in this book: cinema and philosophy. In each chapter of this book, Cabrera analyzes one or more films carefully chosen to reflect on a central philosophical question. Aristotle and bicycle thieves; Bacon and Steven Spielberg; Descartes and the indiscreet photographers, Schopenhauer, Buñuel and Frank Capra; Nietzsche, Clint Eastwood and the killers by nature; or Wittgenstein and the silent cinema are some of the suggested philocinematrographic exercises. The comments of films that the reader will find highlight those points of the film that should contribute to the establishment of the lived experience of a philosophical problem. This experience in itself is irreplaceable and nobody can have it for one. It only points out the places where the film hurts, where something can be learned by suffering it. We are facing an unscheduled and more



Book: Cine

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