Cínicos con sirven para este oficio

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Cínicos con sirven para este oficio - Ryszard Kapuscinski - Anagrama
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It is a mistake to write about someone with whom you have not shared at least a section of life. It is one of the central themes of The Cynics are not useful for this profession, a conversational book about the journalist's work, about his difficulties and his rules, about the responsibility of the intellectuals who, today, are dedicated to information. How to count poverty, hunger, wars? Is it essential to have ethical motivations to be a good journalist? What relationship exists between reality and narration? How to move between the investigation of truth and the conditioning of power? The book includes an interview by A. Semplici with the writer about the events that led to Africa's emancipation from colonial rule, and a dialogue with narrator and art critic John Berger about seeing, understanding, and telling.


Book: Cínicos con sirven para este oficio

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