Ciudad Princesa

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Ciudad Princesa is a first-person story in which a series of political experiences are recounted between October 1996 and October 2017, from the eviction of the Cine Princesa in Barcelona to the referendum on October 1. The thread of the story is: what have we learned? That is why it speaks from the singular of who lives and transforms with each of the situations collected and from the plural of the us that give it meaning.Ciudad Princesa is a chronicle of the city that gathers a vision of what social movements have been that woke up in post-Olympic Barcelona and other European cities and that were connected with the protests and movements of the global world until today. From the city-brand to neoliberal globalization and its crises: what are the lived maps of resistance? Ciudad Princesa is an essay of thought in which philosophical and political problems, as well as the ideas that more



Book: Ciudad Princesa

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