Ciudadanías en el siglo XXI

Entre embates y divergencias

Ciudadanías en el siglo XXI -  AA.VV. - Editorial fontamara
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Faced with the global dynamics of rapid progress and constant overcrowding in all areas of human life, the traditional concept of citizenship, as the granting of rights and duties in a specific territory, is involved in relevant debates from the academic, the political, social, economic and extraterritorial, being immersed in a context where people are more likely to identify with a set of common global interests shared by many than with the historical forms of nation states.

Added to this are the common challenges faced by nations at home and abroad, where the normative guarantee is insufficient to achieve equality among citizens and, even more so, among those who are integrated into the social dynamics through migration. This is how Citizenships in the 21st century. Between clashes and divergences seeks to delve between the classic discussions and those that advocate a new more

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Book: Ciudadanías en el siglo XXI

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