Colombia feroz

Del terrorismo de Estado a la negociación con las FARC

Colombia feroz - José Manuel Martín Medem - Catarata
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Tapa Blanda

From the impunity in the assassination of Jorge Eliécer Gaitán in 1948, which prevented the democratization of the country, to the presidency of Alvaro Uribe, starring the landowners, the ranchers, the narcoparamilitaries and the intervention of the United States, a false democracy in Colombia was strengthened to criminalize the opposition, block negotiation with the guerrillas and constantly increase the worst social inequalities in Latin America. Uribe has been the only president in the continent's history, simultaneously accused of electoral fraud, of receiving help from drug trafficking in his candidacy, of bribing parliamentarians to get his re-election, treason for the homeland for putting Colombia's military bases at the service of the United States, of turning secret services into a political policeman, of state terrorism in complicity with the paramilitaries and of violating more


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Book: Colombia feroz

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