Comer como antes, la mejor dieta

El régimen cazador-recolector del siglo XXI

Comer como antes, la mejor dieta - Laurent Chevallier - Octaedro
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How to reconcile the pleasure of eating, our health and the control of our weight? Against the current of miraculous diets so in vogue, whose harmfulness is demonstrated, Dr. Laurent Chevallier proposes here simple and effective solutions to modify our food environment. How? Dishabituándonos of a certain form of industrial feeding, and returning partly to the diet of our distant ancestors. The latter, hunter-gatherers, were able to find a sensible balance between plants and animal proteins. Dr. Chevallier shows how to easily adapt this diet to our way of life and provides clear and precise information to avoid the most harmful products (various chemical elements, certain fatty substances, certain plastics). With some easy tricks, you can improve your health and your weight, without effort and without starving. The recipes proposed in the interior of the work will help you in this more


Book: Comer como antes, la mejor dieta

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