Cómo convertirse en un hábil investigador

Cómo convertirse en un hábil investigador -  AA.VV. - Editorial Gedisa
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This practical and concise guide to become a skilled investigator will help you plan, conduct and report research in any discipline and level, whether a thesis, dissertation, an article or a book. Wayne Booth, Gregory Colomb and Joseph Williams draw a map of each stage of the research process, from finding a topic and generating research questions, obtaining evidence, constructing arguments, creating a first draft and review, to production of a final report that meets the needs of a community of readers. Throughout, the book shows how researchers work specifically in a complex cycle of thinking, writing, review, refine and rethink. We also know that a satisfactory research report is always a carefully orchestrated conversation between the researcher and the reader. Before dirijirse to the library or start outlining a scheme, first read this book and take their advice and knowledge. "G...read more


Book: Cómo convertirse en un hábil investigador

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