Cómo cuidar de tu hermano

Una guía para perros

Cómo cuidar de tu hermano - Kim Sears - Impedimenta
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Lots of human guides have been published on dog training, as if they were the only ones who devoted themselves to those needs. But now a dog has decided to share his own experience, acquired after years of coexistence with the best friend of the dog breed. Maggie Mayhem is (along with the co-author of this text, Kim Sears) responsible for domesticating some of the world's most stubborn humans. You will not find another member of the dog breed more suitable to make us understand the complexities of human behavior! Packed with tips and innovative training techniques in communication, nutrition and exercise, this book is an invaluable aid to the adventure of living with a human.



Book: Cómo cuidar de tu hermano

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