Cómo leer iglesias

Un curso intensivo sobre arquitectura eclesiástica

Cómo leer iglesias - Denis R. McNamara - Akal
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Small enough to fit in your pocket, but rigorous enough to answer all your questions, How to Read Churches is a book that architecture and history buffs, tourists, or the faithful interested in decipher the styles and symbols of religious buildings. Each building contains clues in its design that not only identify its architectural style, but also who conceived it, what kind of congregation it was intended for, and the reasons for its construction. This guide, as entertaining as it is practical, is the key to interpreting the style, history, evolution and social significance of religious buildings. It is not strictly limited to churches, but also offers information on abbeys, chapels, and monasteries, among others. The book begins by offering an overview of the different types of buildings, styles and materials, while in successive chapters it examines individual architectural element...read more


Book: Cómo leer iglesias

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