Cómo se hace una investigación

Cómo se hace una investigación -  AA.VV. - Editorial Gedisa
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Research is one of the most important tasks in the university. It can be an enjoyable and exciting either become a hell activity. What theme you choose? Where to start? Where to find information? How are the questions? How to organize the arguments to present the results?  This book is directed especially to students who are facing their first research project. Step by step shows how to proceed in individual works or groups, provides criteria for choosing the most valuable literature and teaches reading skills and effective writing. The authors cater all aspects of the methodology of scientific work, exemplified in numerous practical exercises and in a very accessible language. It is an ideal place to develop a research that helps control at all times their effectiveness and coherence not beat around the bush guide.


Book: Cómo se hace una investigación

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