Cómo se hace una tesis

Cómo se hace una tesis - Humerto Eco - Editorial Gedisa
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Editorial Gedisa
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Given the current situation of overcrowding in our universities, Umberto Eco book intended primarily for students with few resources and support to those living far from large urban centers with their institutional facilities and no one has explained how to search a book or document libraries and archives.
Despite personal disadvantages, Umberto Eco says, "you can make a decent argument, yet still in a difficult situation, caused by recent or remote discrimination. You can use the occasion of the thesis (...) to retrieve the positive and progressive direction of the study, I understood as a harvest of ideas, but as a critical elaboration of an experience like acquiring a capacity for futura- -good life to troubleshoot problems, to tackle them methodically, to expose them following certain communication techniques. "
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Book: Cómo se hace una tesis

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