¿Cómo se informa hoy en México?

Cinco tendencias noticiosas ante la narrativa oficial

¿Cómo se informa hoy en México? - Manuel Alejandro Guerrero Martínez - Ibero
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Tapa Blanda

One of the key functions of the media in democracies is to monitor power groups in their interaction with society. What is sought is to point out the abuses that exist on the part of these elites. This book is an initiative to explore empirically how information spaces cover certain topics of public interest. The aim is to review how close they get to the model of democratic freedom. In turn, the question is to answer the following: how does the information provided by higher government bodies on the interests of greater convergence appear in news spaces? To what extent is the greatest plurality and political and social diversity in today's country reflected in the media presentation?


Book: ¿Cómo se informa hoy en México?

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