Cómo sucedieron estas cosas

Cómo sucedieron estas cosas - Jose Emilio Burucua - Katz
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Although the term "massacre" has different meanings in everyday language, the expression "historical massacre" refers to a very specific type of phenomenon: the mass murder of a large group of people, who are usually unarmed and have a limited Ability to defend themselves. Phenomena of this type have taken place from very early periods of human history and, in general, whenever they have occurred, those who tried to explain and count them, whether through texts, images or other means, faced enormous problems. "How these things happened" is an investigation into the causes of these problems, but also a study of the attempts made in spite of those difficulties to find in them similarities and regularities, shared and innovative resources that served to tell and explain what, A priori, could not be counted or explained. But the scope of this work, of an extraordinary subtlety and ambitio...read more

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Book: Cómo sucedieron estas cosas

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