Comportamiento y educación en ambientes universitarios

Comportamiento y educación en ambientes universitarios -  AA.VV. - Editorial fontamara
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The present work is a harmonious, balanced and practical compilation of university works. It introduces us to the field of psychology through studies on abilities and social skills, sleep, anxiety, stress and fear of failure, in a common population for all university students.

It contains an exposition of a program for preventive intervention on gender violence and a compilation with a set of works focused on the labor and financial world. As the title itself indicates, the first part of this compilation deals with the term behavior, actions widely approached in a multidisciplinary way, which takes shape from a psychological perspective. The second part deals with the subject of education, where it shows us several educational initiatives carried out in situ, in the place where the action takes place and in the front line, where learning is enriched and strengthened by using more


Book: Comportamiento y educación en ambientes universitarios

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