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Comunicación política - Enrique Gil Calvo - Catarata
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Although discourses on power have existed in all societies, we can only talk about political communication from the establishment of representative democracies, with the emergence of public opinion linked to freedoms of information and expression and mass media; mass media (press, radio television) and new media (Twitter, Facebook). Of its connections and its paradoxical effects this book is about in order to try to raise the extent to which we are witnessing a mediatization of politics or a politicization of the media and understanding how to move from the immediate and surprising ? blow of effect? to the convert? act of faith? A political sociology essay that reflects on the recent developments in democracy, its transformation and its crises because of the over-effectiveness of political communication, especially on the basis of the use of electoral marketing techniques, which have more


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Book: Comunicación política

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