¿Con qué rima tima?

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¿Con qué rima tima? - Alejandro Magallanes - Almadía
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Tapa Blanda

"With what rhyme rhyme?" Asks Alejandro Magallanes in this poetic proposal, which has little to do with rhyme and in which the game is present on every page turn. As a result of years of encounters with language and images, Magellan explores the shores of poetry. The result: a symphony of humorous, ironic and playful poems. In line with Apollinaire's calligraphic poems, Joan Brossa's visual poetry and Brazilian concrete poetry, with what rhymes rhymes? It is a joyous carnival of language that celebrates the union of the image with the word.
It is said that: In lighthearted numbers, it takes at least 2,858 readers to purchase this book to exhaust this issue. Variable one: if the copies are sold. Thinking that those who buy the book read it and share it with someone else, what rhymes rhyme? It will have roughly 4,287 readers. According to the auditor, each copy can be read and see...read more

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Book: ¿Con qué rima tima?

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