Conferencia sobre la lluvia

Conferencia sobre la lluvia - Juan Villoro - Almadía
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Conference on rain addresses a theatrical situation par excellence: public speaking. A speaker misplaces his notes and nervousness leads him to say unthinkable things. The subject of the talk is the relationship between rain and love poetry. In the vertigo of improvisation, the protagonist speaks of himself but does not abandon his original purpose; poets who have changed the climate with their verses come to his mind. In a fascinating way, two forms of discourse are mixed: the conference and the confession. Starring a librarian, this monologue written by Juan Villoro is a deep and often ironic reflection on the life of books and the emotions they awaken. A library is a collection of loves, repudios, suspicions and nostalgia, for what its volumes say, but also for the way in which they have been read. Conference on rain gives a final surprise: the recipient of the talk. If a book more


Book: Conferencia sobre la lluvia

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