Constitucionalismo y derechos fundamentales

Constitucionalismo y derechos fundamentales - Dieter Grimm - Trotta
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The studies gathered in this volume address the current situation of the constitution and its possible future from the exposition of the concept of constitution in its historical development. The revolutionary significance of the constitution is evident in the conditions and consequences of the birth of modern constitutionalism in the late eighteenth century in North America and France. The propagation of the constitution means the establishment of new ways of grounding and limiting power and coincides with the demand for fundamental rights and the emergence of bourgeois civil society. The consideration of the concept of constitution under the historical conditions of its appearance allows to elaborate a theory of the constitution that has as its central axis the guarantee of fundamental rights. According to this conception, fundamental rights are not limited to being subjective more


Book: Constitucionalismo y derechos fundamentales

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