Consulado de Mexico año de 1809

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Consulado de Mexico año de 1809 - Antonio Armando Alvarado Gómez - Inah
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The historical events and the actions undertaken by the Spanish Crown between 1797 and 1810 generated in the colonial markets an atmosphere of anxiety and growing rivalry. The policy and decisions taken by the Spanish royal authorities between the last quarter of the 18th century and the first decade of the 19th century oblige us to take into account the changes in the commercial system verified in that period. For example, the Mexican Consulate alleged that by 1809 the despotism that encouraged arbitrariness, injustice and ruin, both of the Royal Treasury and of Spanish American commerce, had already died.
The files published in this book are part of the documentary group of the Historical Archive of the Treasury protected in the General Archive of the Nation. The 51 documents generated from the request made by the merchants of Mexico City to the viceroy Pedro Garibay in 1809 more



Book: Consulado de Mexico año de 1809

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