Contra el cliché pictórico

Contra el cliché pictórico - D.H. Lawrence - Me cayó el veinte
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Me cayó el veinte

In 1929, a bold young Australian named Stephenson, which would found the Mandrake Press publisher, specializing now in esoterismo- Lawrence proposed to make a book with the reproduction of the paintings he had made over recent years and whose composition and treatment was very bold and provocative say the least, for the time.

Lawrence took the invitation with pleasure and singular enthusiasm. He did so because he saw in this proposal an opportunity to make public both his aesthetic ideas about contemporary painting as his own paintings. Such was the shock that caused, book and exhibition, both some pictures and some copies of the publication were confiscated.

The book was published and presented at the same time it opened the June 15, 1929, the London exhibition of paintings within it. The title now corresponds to publish this controversial text and the first edition in Spanish.


Book: Contra el cliché pictórico

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