Contra Estados Unidos

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Contra Estados Unidos - Diego  Osorno - Almadía
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Between August and September 2012, a hundred Mexicans, relatives of the victims of the war against drug trafficking, traveled more than eleven thousand kilometers through the territory of the United States. Its purpose was to shout its pain in front of the main people in charge of the conflict, and to build bonds with organizations of survivors and other relatives of people assassinated or disappeared by the same causes in the neighboring country. The journalist Diego Osorno accompanied the Caravan for Peace to write in real time a testimony of courage. This is how an unprecedented fact tells us in these pages: the wounded people who confront those who make up the misfortune that ravages our country. At the same time, he draws a broad portrait of the leader of the movement, the poet Javier Sicilia, himself the deputy of the war, and a defender of the cause, a luminous figure in the more


Book: Contra Estados Unidos

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