Contra la juventud

Contra la juventud - Pablo d'Ors - Galaxia Gutenberg
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Galaxia Gutenberg
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Convinced that for someone with his literary aspirations it might be convenient to live in the country of Franz Kafka and Milan Kundera, the young Eugen Salmann accepts their proposal to go to Eastern Europe. Not even remotely suspects this apprentice writer that in Prague he will neither be able to open a new branch for his company nor write a single line. Furthermore: as if he were a Kafka character, more than writing a novel ... he finds himself living inside one! Fictions come true and become dangerous. In the midst of his tormented and ridiculous suffering, Eugen allows himself to be seduced by mature women while he fruitlessly chases the young girls, this time as if he were one of the most comical characters in Kundera. Tramp in a city that is not his own, he meets a strange community presided over by a brilliant teacher and an angelic-looking librarian who, discreetly and more


Book: Contra la juventud

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