Contra la página

Ensayos reunidos (1980-2013)

Contra la página - Octavio Armand - Calygramma
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Tapa Blanda

The voice of Octavio Armand offers us the reflections of a complex and universal thought, which includes the greatness of man insofar as he has defined himself in his inquiry into language. This search for writing is resolved in the knowledge of its multiple signs in front of the blank page, evidencing its affronts and affiliations. Our Cuban poet and essayist sketches issues of the literary tradition that other writers have addressed; the difference is that our author, as a good baroque and descendant of the lineage of a Lezama Lima, uses the analogy to unite distant elements, both per se knowledge and history, to confer the coordinates of facts in their proper dimension . The reader has in his hands a set of essays, traced in the way that the initiators of this genre, Montaigne and Bacon wished: to think of the event and the object as a whole, where the apparently dissimilar more



Book: Contra la página

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