Contra los nacionalismos

Contra los nacionalismos - Karl Marx - Catarata
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Celebrate is the phrase of the Communist Manifesto that "workers have no homeland" with which the anti-nationalist nature of Marx's thinking is usually underlined, but no less quoted should be the other one that states "that the people who oppress other peoples may never be free". Two opposing statements that may serve to warn of the danger of enclosing Marx's anti-nationalist thinking in simplified formulas and pointing to a conception of nationalism that is not exhausted either in "bipolar" opposition between class and nation or in the antagonism between bourgeoisie and proletariat. Nationalisms in Marx will be subject to a different assessment, depending on the different contexts and historical stages that it is considering, without, on the other hand, undermining its tactical meaning in stimulating or slowing down the achievements of revolutionary struggles. In the present more


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Book: Contra los nacionalismos

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