Copenhague huele a París

Poesía danesa contemporánea

Copenhague huele a París -  AA.VV. - Nórdica
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Tapa Blanda

Around 1980, in Denmark, a group of young people revolutionized poetic language
existing until then. After the political-social poetry of the seventies, came a stylistic and linguistic revolution even in the models of inspiration. David Bowie and punk music were a decisive influence on literary creation.
The twelve poets we present in this anthology, so different and so similar to each other, are the result of that atmosphere of aesthetic freedom. With their updated vision of society and the human being, and also of themselves, they give a new approach to poetry. In common they have a language, a culture and a language full of symbology, expressive force and light that enters through the cracks of consciousness. They are a small reflection of the last three decades, not only of Danish poetry, but also of life in Denmark.
Daniel Sancosmed has translated these poems, more



Book: Copenhague huele a París

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