Historia de un proceso de reunificación

Corea - Eunsook Yang - Catarata
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The Korean peninsula is marked by both the spectacular economic development of the South and the renewed nuclear threat of the North, which is a major factor in the precomposition of forces in the Asia-Pacific area. Going back to the first modernizing nationalist impulse born within the Chosun dynasty at the end of the 19th century, Eunsook Yang, a Korean researcher, offers us a detailed analysis of the conditions and challenges facing reunification. After the division of the country, the evolution of the two Koreas has resulted in an authoritarian personalist regime in the North, which feels the true owner of the national spirit and has incorporated into the Marxist-Leninist ideology the nationalist orientation "chuche" as base for its legitimacy, while the young democracy of the South has managed to place itself among the emerging countries thanks to its economic development. The more

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Book: Corea

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