Correo literario

o cómo llegar a ser (o no llegar a ser) escritor

Correo literario - Wislawa Szymborska - Nórdica
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Wislawa Szymborska, so reluctant to talk about his poetry, took for years in the magazine Vida Literaria what we might call a "writers' office", in which between the lines and with that fine irony present in all his work, we can gliser his particular concept of literature.

This book collects the best responses from the Polish Nobel Prize to those writers who intended to debut. Szymborska herself defined what they did: "It's an old tradition of literary magazines. It has always been necessary to respond to some authors, especially beginners, without writing letters directly to them. As a general rule, the issue was resolved with a brief "not contemplated" or "we recommend working a little more on the text". We believe that it was still worth justifying the decision." He continued: "I tried to get them to understand elementary things, encouraging them to reflect on the newly more



Book: Correo literario

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