Correspondencia de Charles Darwin

Correspondencia de Charles Darwin - Charles Darwin - Catarata
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The figure of Charles Darwin (1809-1882) stands out for the genius and originality of his thinking. A thought that we can see evolve throughout the numerous letters he wrote to his fellow scientists, to compare with them their ideas and visions, look for the weaknesses of their theories and request additional information or specimens of both plants and animals. They are letters that also show us a close and familiar Darwin, in love with his wife and fearful of his health and that of his children, as well as concerned for the well-being of his friends and companions, always trying to help the most disadvantaged. For the first time, the two additional volumes of letters that his son Francis and A. C. Seward edited under the title More Letters of Charles Darwin in 1903, dedicated to the evolution, geographical distribution, parallel paths of Glen Roy and vivisection, among many other more


Book: Correspondencia de Charles Darwin

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