Correspondencia Sigmund Freud

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Freud's correspondence with the novelist Arnold Zweig is a source of information invaluable to know, especially the dimension of Freud as a mature thinker, as a connoisseur and critic of literature and a man of his time value. From the first letter from Arnold Zweig, asking permission to dedicate a book, this intense dialogue can also appreciate the creative wealth of this great author, whose works deserve to be reread for its own sake, but also in light of the valuable tips Freud which guided the drafting. In this correspondence little known details about the source of important texts like Civilization and its Discontents, Beyond the Pleasure Principle and Moses and Monotheism are discovered. For the latter work Arnold Zweig could convey valuable archaeological news from Palestine, where he lived for several years, also reporting on daily life in the midst of the difficult struggle more


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Book: Correspondencia Sigmund Freud

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