Creencias, deseos, sociedades

Creencias, deseos, sociedades - Gabriel Tarde - Cactus
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This meeting of trials Gabriel Tarde, all written at the beginning of the twentieth century, should be weighted by current sociologists, who like to relieve the basic needs of the population, as one of the basic needs both for themselves and for all those who They dedicated today to think socially. And perhaps this motto, inscribed on both mental and institutional-building: The social world can be considered a huge mass of mutually sugestionados sleepwalkers. The figure of the sleepwalker, not very accommodating to its "object" -a sum which the the drunk can be uncomfortable for the profession, but can also illuminate a new starting point for a sociology assume, finally, risks .

The three fluentes that make up this book are outlining what the prologue is aptly defined as molecular sociology, and that part of the basic postulate that all organized social field is furrowed and more



Book: Creencias, deseos, sociedades

ISBN: 9789872621926