Creencias, significados y cuerpos

Una mirada a la educación física

Creencias, significados y cuerpos - Fernando Torres García - Cifra editorial
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Cifra editorial
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The author of this volume, specialist in the study and teaching practice of Physical Education, places it at the center of the discussion, shows and opposes a set of beliefs, conceptions and meanings that have hegemonized the field and that still today they seem to be dominant among teacher educators, specialists in the field and students in training. What are these beliefs, meanings and conceptions? That corporeity is a fashion, that Physical Education has always existed, that Physical Education is a science and that sport is its essence. It proposes an approach to the approaches that have made thinkers like Descartes, Elias and Foucault on the body in order that physical educators can have a broader understanding of the central role played by the body and corporeity in the constitution of subjects.


Book: Creencias, significados y cuerpos

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