La primera gran guerra

Crimea - Orlando Figes - Edhasa
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Figes poses this war as a true crusade where religion was the main trigger.
Especially in the Anglo-Saxon world, the literature on the Crimean War (1853-1856) is very abundant, and in principle it might be strange that someone like Orlando Figes devoted a book to the subject, as it is also his first book on a war. However, what is evident that an author of Figes' prestige if he tackles the Crimean War is because he has something radically new to say about it. After exposing the strategies of the contenders (Britain, France, the Ottoman Empire and Piedmont- Sardinia to the Russian Empire), Figes raises the war as a true crusade in which religion played a fundamental role that eventually made it the first "total war" in history. As usual in Figes, the use of first-hand material (soldiers' letters, personal diaries, etc.) serves to capture the palp of a momentous historical more


Book: Crimea

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