Crítica de la razón precaria

La vida intelectual ante la obligación de lo extraordinario

Crítica de la razón precaria - Javier López Alós - Catarata
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Precarious, precarious, precarious are terms whose use has become common and prevalent to describe life forms and industrial relations in conditions of instability, temporality and insecurity that time control over the time, use and development of one's own capacities and thus question the unity between life, work and identity. In this enlightening essay, Javier López Alós undertakes the task of reflecting on how precariousness conditions intellectual life from a biographical, philosophical and political point of view. Fear and feeling of vulnerability and disorientation, feeling of guilt, isolation and futility, lack of recognition or inability to project are some of the aspects linked to this precarious condition that, although it affects singular individuals, exceeds the subjective and emotional dimension and points to a political motivation to the extent that it has consequences more



Book: Crítica de la razón precaria

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