Crítica del discernimiento

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The Critique of Discernment, or the Judgment Faculty ?? (1790) by Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) was hailed by Goethe as the most influential of the Kantian works, while dealing with art and nature, while Hannah Arendt would, for his part, do a political reading Of its pages. In his third "Criticism"? Kant culminates the itinerary of his philosophical reflection, addressing problems related to aesthetics and teleology. Here it is about the beautiful and the sublime, about the sublime as a symbol of morality and about the heuristic fictions that can guide our knowledge of nature, among many other topics that are analyzed in their respective introductory studies by the authors of this new Edition Castilian, responsible also of the critical apparatus and the useful conceptual index that accompanies the work. Other Kant titles published in this same collection: "What is the Enlightenment ??", more



Book: Crítica del discernimiento

ISBN: 9788420669922