Crítica del hipercapitalismo digital

Crítica del hipercapitalismo digital - Albino Prada Blanco - Catarata
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Under the control of large global investment groups, companies that lead services, advertising or distribution (Alphabet-Google, Facebook or Amazon), along with computer giants (Microsoft, Apple, IBM or Intel) are shaping a world to suit you. In transport, leisure, information, biotechnologies, education, new products are being created, new business models are being created or now digitized processes are being imposed. We live in the era of digital hypercapitalism and the 4.0 economy. This book deals with aspects such as digital utopia, automation, infomonopolies, artificial intelligence, turboconsumism or post-democracy. And it addresses the effects that this digitization generates on employment and inequality.


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Book: Crítica del hipercapitalismo digital

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