Crónicas de la Era K-pop

Crónicas de la Era K-pop - Fernando san Basilio - Impedimenta
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The new novel by San Basilio (Bookstore Course, My great novel about La Vaguada, The young salesman and the fluid lifestyle), one of the most iconoclastic and visionary Spanish writers of today, endowed with a privileged eye to discover what unpublished and the enigmatic that resides in the most trivial of life, it looks out with humor and amazement at the vibrant universe of the South Korean swarm. A student at Yonsei University who frequents the consultation of a fortune-teller. A comedy actor who lives in fear of being killed by the writers. A nonagenarian who sells wooden ducklings in the commercial galleries of the Seoul metro. A couple in love with a discount coupon to taste the best-selling milk bun in the world. The bubble of the franchise cafés in South Korea. And Fernandez, a man with hardly any attributes who has come to Seoul to participate in the International Coffee more



Book: Crónicas de la Era K-pop

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