Cuadernos. Volumen III

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"I don't know anyone who heard grass grow so clearly" Albert Einstein

In this third notebook by Georg Christoph Lichtenberg, written between the years 1776 to 1779, he continues to charge against the moral defects of society, in addition to illuminating ideas with absolute plastic and conceptual freedom. These ideas will serve for the development of more elaborate philosophical theses, whose influence can be traced in authors such as Nietzsche, Wittgenstein, Schopenhauer or Canetti, among others.

Rediscovered by the school of Pataphysics, André Breton considered him a master of humor. Lichtenberg returned to the present day when the necessary conditions were met for the irruption of one of the most creative eras in history: the beginning of the twentieth century. He himself had prophesied it two hundred years earlier: "... the true language of the visionary, which is more


Book: Cuadernos. Volumen III

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